Michael Sky

Michael Sky

Hailing from Ocean City, MD, Michael Sky is a rising star in the world of reggae-rock music, known for his smooth vocals, soulful melodies, and captivating performances. With a passion for storytelling through music, Michael weaves tales of love, hope, and unity into each of his songs.



Opening act for Ballyhoo!
Opening act for Little Stranger
Opening act for Kash’d Out
Opening act for Joe Samba
New Years Eve for Town of Berlin
Jellyfish Festival
420 Festival Baltimore
Frozen Harbor Festival
Reggae Playday
Seacrets – Ocean City, MD

With over 10 years of Musical Performance Experience, Michael has established himself as a top performer of his craft. Getting his start playing solo Acoustically or popular cover bands such at The Rogue Citizens He’s played shows of all sizes from hundreds to thousands. Consistently recording and releasing music along with a bevy of live performances is leading to Michael building a loyal fanbase. His recent debut self-titled album features collaborations with Nathan Aurora from Iya Terra, Greg Shields from Kash’d Out, and more, promising an
unforgettable and genre-defying musical experience.

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