TGIF… Back To Jamaica Night

Every Friday from 5-10PM, it’s “Back To Jamaica Night” at Seacrets with a special rotating menu of authentic Jamaican dishes. 

Seacrets Head Chef DJ Shirk pulls inspiration from true cooking traditions with the help of Seacrets own Jamaican chef Petagay, who has shared her home recipes passed down from generations. Made from scratch using fresh spices and sauces, this week’s menu features a variety of carefully curated dishes. 

Curry Shrimp – Jumbo Shrimp sautéed in a bold curry sauce. Served with white rice and callaloo. $19

Brown Stew Chicken – Marinated chicken thighs slow cooked with vegetables and potatoes, producing rich brown gravy. Served with red beans & rice and steamed cabbage. $16

Pork Tenderloin – Jerk pork tenderloin slow roasted in our own jerk seasoning. Served with red beans & rice and fried plantains. $17

Lamb Chops – Three (3) pan seared lamb chops seasoned with our own jerk spices & fresh rosemary. Served with steamed cabbage and white rice. $20

Jerk Sampler – Homemade jerk sausage, jerk shrimp and grilled Jerk chicken. Served with red beans & rice and callaloo. $18