OCMD BikeFest 2018

OCMD BikeFest 2018 is here!


Ride in to Seacrets – open every day at 11AM – and enjoy some refreshing beverages and a delicious lunch/dinner menu fit for everyone’s taste buds!

Whether it is your bike or your wardrobe you want to upgrade, check out the vendor tents in Seacrets’ parking lot. LED Cycles and Boogey Lights are back performing on site installs on your ride. Other vendors include PatchStop, East Coast Syndicate and many more!

And don’t miss the live entertainment exclusively at Seacrets!

7 Bridges: The Ultimate Eagles Experience, Live Wire AC/DC Tribute, Nowhere Slow, Gypsy Wisdom and Whiskeyhickon Boys will all be performing for BikeFest 2018.