DJ Antonio Ernesto
117 49th Street Ocean City MD 21842

July 13, 2024

Beach Stage

Growing up as the child of a successful radio and turntable DJ, it was no time at all before Antonio followed in his father’s footsteps and began mixing his own music. By age 16, Antonio was spinning at parties and events in the greater DC area. He has since enjoyed a tremendous amount of success, deejaying at nightclubs, bars and festivals across the region.

DJ Antonio Ernesto’s contagious enthusiasm, sense of adventure and true love of music offer something unique to partygoers. He has mastered various music genres such as House, Top 40, Hip Hop, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and Latin. He also mixes original music that showcases a broad range of beats and rhythms to showcase his unique musical vision. Without a doubt, even the shyest of dancers will find themselves gravitating to the dance floor once DJ Antonio Ernesto hits the turntables.