Lunasea ( Pink Moon) Glow Party with DJ Wax!
117 49th Street Ocean City MD 21842

April 23, 2024


PLEASE WELCOME BACK- DJ WAX!! We are so excited to have DJ Wax kick off the season and celebrating our first Pink Moon Lunasea Glow Party of the year!


Featuring DJ Wax and drink specials ALL. NIGHT. LONG!


$7.25 Seacret Spirits, $7.75 Frozens out of the machine and $2 Nattys!


When the lights go down, the black lights go up and the party gets crazy! Wear something bright and glow under the black lights, drink from glow-in-dark cups, and get free glow sticks & necklaces!

About DJ Wax

Robert Chandler, better known as DJ Wax, the vibrant force behind the beats that keep Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and beyond dancing. With his finger on the nightlife pulse, DJ Wax is known for electrifying performances and unforgettable sets that leave crowds craving more. Originally from southern Delaware, DJ Wax found his rhythm in the salty air and sandy shores of the Ocean City, MD area. Drawn by the city's lively atmosphere and deep love for music, he quickly made a name for himself on the local scene, becoming a staple at the hottest clubs and beachfront venues. He quickly grew…
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