Back To Jamaica Night

Back To Jamaica Night

5PM to 10PM Friday, Saturday

Featuring a rotating menu of authentic Jamaican dishes every Friday & Saturday night!

11/30 – 12/1 Menu:

– Pork Tenderloin: Jerk Pork tenderloin slow roasted with our own jerk seasoning. Served with a mango puree, red beans & Rice and plantains. $17

– Curry Shrimp: Jumbo shrimp sautéed in a bold curry sauce. Served with white rice and callaloo. $19

– Lamb Chop: Three lamb chops seared and seasoned with fresh rosemary and our own jerk spices. Served with callaloo and white rice. $20

– Brown Stew Chicken: Marinated chicken thighs slow cooked with veggies and potatoes, producing rich brown gravy. Served with red beans & rice and callaloo. $16

– Jerk Sampler: Homemade jerk sausage, jerk shrimp and grilled jerk chicken. Served with red beans & rice and callaloo. $18

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