Ocean City Film Festival
117 49th Street Ocean City MD 21842

March 8, 2020

11AM-4PM Screening of Ocean City Film Festival (schedule below)
5PM-7PM Awards Ceremony & Closing Party
The festival culminates with the Awards Ceremony & Closing Party with live entertainment, complimentary hors d’oeuvres, the camaraderie of fellow film lovers and the presentation of the 2020 awards. ($25 Admission or included with All-Access Pass)



Don’t Be A Baby, Emmi Shockley

Billie is having “The Scare,” the big one, the existential-life-inducing Pregnancy Scare. (New York ~ 00:09:00)

J-1, Emmi Shockley

When a young Ocean City local begins a summer relationship with an Irish J-1 student, she sees a potential for a new life and a chance for adventure. She struggles with her decision to leave everything she has known and move to Dublin. (Ocean City ~ 00:20:00)


Stay Human, Michael Franti

Musician’s personal journey where he meets humans who inspire him to overcome cynicism with optimism and stay human. With new music from Franti’s 10th studio album. (USA ~ 01:34:00)


Speed Date, Gregory Dirus Lee

Keith speed dates after years in a relationship, and finds dating is not as simple as it used to be. (College Park ~ 00:10:00)

Raging Cult, Meagan Adele Lopez

Agoraphobe lives life through social media, starts a cult of feminine rage to change the face of social media. (France ~ 00:17:00)

Praise and Blame, Shane Book

Belarus poet with frozen waffle obsession meets Honduran immigrant; secret from the poet’s past threatens. (Canada ~ 00:20:00)

You’re the Puppet, Michael Charron

Hot comedy duo considers solo careers. (USA ~ 00:12:00)

Improv, Addie Kopsidas

Amy argues with her boyfriend before her hobby improv class and channels her energy into class exercises. (Potomac ~ 00:10:00)

Table by the Window: Deipnophobia, Rob Waters

Two childhood friends meet each other for lunch to introduce their significant others. (USA ~ 00:10:00)


Founded in 2017, the Ocean City Film Festival is a collaboration with the Art League of Ocean City to integrate visual media into the artistic community of Ocean City and surrounding regions. This function provides an invaluable networking opportunity and cultural exchange as filmmakers from all around are invited to share their work with each other and the public in a very intimate environment. The Ocean City Film Festival promotes and prioritizes uniqueness and diversity in our annual selection.